Omnibus 61

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Divine and human in Euripides’ Medea – Edith Hall

Peace at Rome? Placing Augustus’ Ara Pacis in context(s) – Alison Cooley

Homer and the Ancient Near East – what’s in a parallel? – Adrian Kelly

Courting controversy: Shakespeare’s use of Ovid in Venus and Adonis – George Ellis

Wisdom through ignorance: Meno meets Socrates – Daniel Silvermintz

To hell with Aeneas: looking backwards and forwards in Aeneid 6 – Fiachra Mac Góráin

Augustus and the women of Akmoneia – Peter Thonemann

Catullus 63, a song of Attis for the Megalesia – Elena Theodorakopoulos

Dancing like a maenad in the twentieth century – Fiona Macintosh

Cicero the consistent consul: saviour of the Republic – Eleanor Brooke

Xenophon, son of Gryllos, in conversation with Maria Pretzler

New £75 Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize

Gladstone Memorial Essay Competition 2011