Omnibus 73

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Continuity and conflict: classical and contemporary warfare – Jason Crowley

Ovid and abortion – Ian Fielding

Matthew Nicholls’s Ancient Rome MOOC

Classical Greek art – a matter of content as well as style?  – Robin Osborne

Sam Hood Translation Prize

Ambition, descent, and downfall: Tacitus on Agrippina – Catharine Edwards

Roman Emperors at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Reading Agamemnon’s mind in Euripides’ Hecuba – Henry Spelman

What is the issue? Cicero’s Defence of Milo  – Kathryn Tempest

Aeneid book 6: a literary echo chamber – William Fitzgerald

Decree and Assembly in Classical Athens – Peter Liddel

Why do heroes journey to the Underworld? – James Darnton

Alice Kober, Michael Ventris, and the decipherment of Linear B – Rupert Thompson