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All the world’s a… Mapping the Shield of Aeneas –  Maya Feile Tomes

The moral landscape of Herodotus’ Histories – Katherine Clarke

Celebrating the ‘good life’ in Aristophanes’ Peace  – Naomi Scott

Sappho, Homer, and the wedding of Hector and Andromache –  Felix Budelmann

Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European – David Langslow

On Greek religion –  Robert Parker

The Arch of Germanicus in Rome  – Matthew Nicholls

Cicero: saviour of the Republic, or just of his own reputation?-  Gesine Manuwald

Sam Hood Translation Prize: the winning 2018 entry – Michael Freeman

Spartacus: my part in his downfall – Andrew Sillett

The artist Linder Sterling on her classical influences – Esther Eidinow

How does popular culture make use of Classics? – George Brettle