What Have The Classics Ever Done For Me? is a short video produced by Communicator Limited and sponsored by the Classical Association, the Cambridge School Classics Project, and the Roman and Hellenic societies. It is aimed at anyone concerned that Classics-related subjects are of limited value in terms of a career.

To counter this, six well-rounded and successful individuals from the City, computer-gaming, overseas development, journalism and library engagement, were invited to speak about how studying Classics at different levels has not only benefited them throughout their careers, but it has also enabled them to have more fulfilling lives as a result.

You can watch the video here, and a subtitled version is available here.

Initial reactions to the video have been very positive. Here are some of the comments received by Communicator Limited:

Wow! That was brilliant! From her initial remarks, she’s doing it in Y9! Thanks!

The video did bring lots together for me. If I’m honest, I did struggle to see the application of the subject and the video did clarify a direction. I have no idea what the subject is about, but respect people for studying it. 

My niece’s husband did a Masters at Exeter in Classics. He became a coal broker/trader in the City. Therefore I wanted to understand the leap he made between the two! 

I have a friend who has a PhD in Ancient History. Naturally, he is now an Equity Researcher

Mai’s Classics Story

As a result of the original video What Have The Classics Ever Done For Me? Communicator Limited decided to produce another video featuring Dr Mai Musié. In this second video, which is aimed at BAME communities, Mai talks about her journey into Classics and what it has meant for her on a personal level.

You can watch Mai’s Classics Story here, and a subtitled version is available here.

(Music: River Blues by TrackTribe).