Call for Papers: ‘The Wor(l)ds of Linear A: an integrated approach to Linear A documents and script’ (University of Cambridge)

Call for Papers

Proposals for papers are invited for a virtual conference and round table on

The Wor(l)ds of Linear A: An integrated approach to Linear A documents and script (a 2022 assessment)


The conference will take place in May 2022, the proposed dates being 24-26 May 2022, and will allow for approximately 30 speakers. Exact timings will be confirmed nearer the time, depending on the time zones of contributors.

This conference seeks to bring together for the first time scholars working on Linear A across a broad range of subject areas to assess our current understanding of Linear A. The conference aims to explore a wide variety of aspects, relating (but by no means restricted) to administrative and writing systems, linguistic analysis, script and palaeography, pinacology and epigraphy, archaeological record and socio-historical setting.

The theme invites an ‘integrated’ dialogue between different disciplinary perspectives in order to elucidate the complex subject of Linear A research in the broadest possible sense, and seeks to provide an overview of aims, problems and possible lines of inquiry. Methodological considerations and interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcomed, in order to foster interdisciplinary discussion and develop a theoretical framework for understanding the intertwined facets of Linear A writing and administrative systems (words), and the socio-cultural systems which produced the documents (worlds).

By pinpointing analytical problems we currently face when investigating all aspects of the Wor(l)ds of Linear A and by outlining new promising pathways, the goal of the conference is to revive the distinctive character of Linear A research, and integrate as best we can different disciplinary perspectives to break free of sometime restrictive disciplinary boundaries.

Paper proposals (approximately 500 words) are invited for 20-minute presentations, followed by 10-minute question time, debating current issues and problems on any aspect of the conference theme. Abstracts and titles should be submitted electronically to [email protected] no later than 31st December 2021. Submissions will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and speakers will be notified by 28th February 2022.

For enquiries and questions, please email the conference organiser, Dr Ester Salgarella, at [email protected].


Scientific Committee 

Dr Matilde Civitillo    (University of Campania)

Dr Brent Davis            (University of Melbourne)

Dr Georgia Flouda      (Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports; Heraklion Archaeological Museum)

Dr Barbara Montecchi (Univeristy of Bologna)

Dr Vassilis Petrakis     (University of Athens)

Dr Ilse Schoep             (University of Louvain)