We were founded on December 19, 1903 ‘to promote the development and maintain the well-being of classical studies’.  The times, challenges and opportunities may have changed, but our commitment to this goal remains as strong as ever.

As one of the UK’s largest classics charities, we provide financial and practical support to maintain and promote the teaching and study of the classical world in schools, universities and beyond. Our definition of classical studies is wide-ranging, covering the history, civilisations, languages, art, material culture and legacy of ancient Greece and Rome and the broader ancient Mediterranean – as well as the continuing influence and attraction of the classical world today.

We are particularly proud of the work we do to promote access to the classical world.  We do this by providing grants and financial support for schools’ events, outreach initiatives, academic conferences, bursary schemes for summer schools and a range of large-scale projects.  Through our network of local branches, the CA also supports Classics in local areas through events such as public talks and school reading competitions.  We maintain an active social media presence, promoting classical events throughout the UK.

The CA is perhaps best known as the sponsor of the UK’s largest annual classics conference.  The CA Conference is hosted by a different university each year, with support and advice provided to the local organizers during the planning stages by CA staff.  An indication of our ongoing commitment to access is the bursary scheme we run each year, to facilitate attendance at the CA conference by postgraduate students and schoolteachers.

Work central to our goal of supporting Classics in schools is carried out by the CA Teaching Board (CATB).  This provides a platform for teachers, university lecturers and other classical education professionals to exchange views, disseminate information and co-ordinate activity, with a view to promoting the study of classical subjects at all levels in UK schools.  We also provide financial support for CPD days for schoolteachers and promote a pedagogy strand at the annual CA conference.

A further strand of CA activity is our publications.  We produce three high-profile academic journals– Classical QuarterlyClassical Review and Greece & Rome – as well as the UK’s leading pedagogy journal for Classics instructors, the Journal of Classics Teaching.  We also commission titles in the New Surveys in the Classics series (published by Cambridge University Press) and produce Omnibus – a glossy Classics magazine aimed at A Level and GCSE students, published twice a year and provided free of charge to schools.

The Classical Association has members worldwide who share our belief in the power of the classical world to inform and inspire.  Explore our site and find out more about what we do!