Cambridge & District branch: Ancient History and Classical Civilisation Essay Competition 2022

The Classical Association – Cambridge & District Branch: Ancient History and Classical Civilisation Essay Competition 2022


Key Details

 The competition is open only to students in Years 10-11 (GCSE) and Years 12-13 (A Level) studying Ancient History or Classical Civilisation.

Entries from students not studying these subjects will not be accepted.


The competition will be judged by Dr Rosanna Omitowoju and Dr James Watson.


Students wishing to enter the competition should answer one question as specified in the following table:


For students in

Years 10-11 (GCSE)

For students in

Years 12-13 (A Level)


For students of Ancient History


‘Early Roman history (753-440 BC) is based on mythology, whereas Persian history (559-465 BC) is based on good evidence.’ How far do you agree?



‘The study of Rome under its first five emperors is more straightforward than the study of the Greek world in the fifth century BC.’ Do you agree?


For students of Classical Civilisation


What difficulties would classicists face if they had access to either literary texts or material evidence, but not both? Answer with reference to the material you have been studying for one of ‘The Homeric World’, ‘Roman City Life’ or ‘War and Warfare’.



Who is the greater epic poet: Homer or Virgil?


Students’ essays should be no longer than 1,500 words (to include any footnotes but excluding any bibliography).

Each student may submit only one entry.

Each school may submit no more than five answers to each question.


The closing date for entries is Friday 25th March 2022.


Results will be announced early in the Summer Term. The results will be sent to all participating schools, together with some general feedback from the judges.


First and Second Prizes in the form of National Book tokens will be awarded for the best responses to each question..


Submission of Entries

 Entries should be submitted as a PDF file and should contain the following information:

– The name of student

– The name of school

– An indication of which subject the student is studying (i.e. Ancient History or Classical Civilisation) and at which level (i.e. GCSE or A Level)

– A word count


Entries should be submitted by a teacher (not by individual students) by e-mail to Barbara Kern at [email protected].


It would be very helpful if all entries from a school could be attached to a single e-mail, if possible, and with each entrant’s name on the respective file.


After submission, entries will be available to Cambridge CA branch officers and the competition judges (via e-mail / Dropbox).

All entries will be deleted after the judging process has been completed