Corpus Christi Classics Centre seminar series in honour of Stephen Harrison: ‘Latin in the World’

This term’s Corpus Classics researcher seminar will be held on Zoom, which gives us the opportunity to bring together an international group of scholars to celebrate the many long-standing international collaborations and cooperations of Stephen Harrison, in whose honour this seminar will be held. There will be two 20 minute papers each week, with plenty of room for discussion and reflection on Latin scholarship in different parts of the world.


Corpus Christi Classics Centre seminar MT 2021: ‘Latin in the World’ a seminar series in honour of Stephen Harrison

The seminar will be on Wednesdays of full term, from 5-6.30 pm UK time [with the exception of weeks 4 and 5], on Zoom

To register to receive the weekly Zoom link, please send your name to the CCC Classics Centre by way of [email protected]


week 1 (13 October) [chair: Steve Heyworth] Dániel Kiss (Barcelona) “Beauties and Beasts: a look at the manuscripts of Catullus”

Marco Fernandelli (Trieste) “Catullus 51 and Italian scholarship on Roman vertere”


week 2 (20 October) [chair: Gail Trimble] Leonardo Costantini (Bristol): “Cicero in Apuleius”

Maaike Zimmerman (Groningen): “The Birth of Voluptas”


week 3 (27 October) [chair: Beppe Pezzini] Isabella Tardin Cardoso (Campinas): “Pellio’s masks: the enigma of the actor in Plautus’ Bacchides”

Beethoven Alvarez (Fluminense): “The metamorphosis of the Greek giant Nicteroy and Brazilian conservatism since the 19th century”


week 4 (3 November) * 8 pm Oxford time* [chair: Rhiannon Ash] Maxine Lewis (Auckland): “Latin Pedagogy in Aotearoa”

Enrica Sciarrino (Canterbury): “Augustus’ genealogy in the context of Aotearoa /New Zealand”


week 5 (10 November) *10 am Oxford time* [chair: Tristan Franklinos] Yasmin Haskell (University of Western Australia) “The gods in Jesuit epic: from Francesco Benci’s Quinque Martyres (1591/2) to Pierre Mambrun’s Constantinus, sive Idolatria Debellata (1654)”

Anne Rogerson (Sydney): “The Aeneid in Dorothy L. Sayer’s Gaudy Night”


week 6 (17 November) [chair: Fiona Macintosh] Grant Parker (Stanford) & Annemarie de Villiers (Stellenbosch): “Virgil and the Land”


week 7 (24 November) [chair: Rebecca Armstrong] Andrea Cucchiarelli (La Sapienza, Rome): “Monologues in Virgil’s Eclogues”

Rolando Ferri (University of Pisa): “Ancient translators’ debates on polysemy, context, and lexical choice”


week 8 (1 December) [chair: Tobias Reinhardt] Lucia Athanassaki (University of Crete) “Horace at the symposium”

Stavros Frangoulidis (Thessaloniki): “Oedipus as a New Pentheus in Seneca’s Oedipus”