Italian Cultural Institute in London: ‘The Sustainable Past’ podcast

We are delighted to announce that the podcast series, The Sustainable Past, funded by the Italian Cultural Institute in London is now live.

Over the next six Tuesdays, a new episode will be published.

In this, we explore what we can learn from the ancient Romans and Greeks to help with environmental sustainability issues today.  A theme that runs throughout the interviews is one of resilience. Each speaker also explains their personal view of what we can learn from the past to help make the world more sustainable for the future.

In this series, we interview seven scholars, including ourselves, to highlight some of the cutting-edge research and activities that are being undertaken in classical studies. There are seven segments in the series.

  1. Introduction (8 June):  Drs. Patty Baker and Giacomo Savani explain the rational for the podcast series.
  1. Interview One (15 June): Dr. Christopher Schliephake presents a detailed review of current scholarship in the environmental humanities.
  1. Interview Two (22 June): Dr. Andrea Brock speaks about her environmental archaeological work on the Tiber River during the early foundations of ancient Rome.
  1. Interview Three (29 June): Professor Jason König speaks about ancient Greco-Roman literature on the environment, in particular ancient relationships with mountains.
  1. Interview Four (6 July): Professor Kathryn Gleason speaks about the archaeology of ancient Roman Gardens.
  1. Interview Five (13 July): The final episode. Dr. Giacomo Savani and Dr. Matthew Mandich speak about their recent workshop on “Antiquity and the Anthropocene” and their research on Roman Baths and Roman/Modern urban planning respectively. Then, Giacomi Savani interviews Dr. Patty Baker about her work on ancient floral design and medicine.


The episodes can be accessed via the Italian Cultural Institute website.