Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2022

Entries are invited for the 2022 Sam Hood Translation Prize.

The judges are keen to encourage elegant and stylish translations from Greek and Latin prose and verse.  Try your hand at translating any one of the following passages (verse passages may be translated into either verse or prose, as you consider most appropriate):

Homeric Hymn to Pan 1-21

Aristophanes, Knights 626-51

Plato, Protagoras 322cl-323a4

Horace, Odes 1.14

Suetonius, Nero 26

Virgil, Georgics 2.490-512

Texts of these passages are available here, but you may use any text that is available to you, provided that you include with your translation a copy of the text you have translated.

The judges will be looking for accuracy but also, and especially, for creativity when making their decisions.  The competition is open to anyone under 19, still in full-time pre-university education.  Entries should contain a statement for a teacher, containing the teacher’s e-mail address confirming that this is the case.  The prize-winner will receive not only a cheque for £75 but also a book of classical poetry.

Entries should be submitted electronically, as e-mail attachments, preferably in Microsoft Word format, to Professor Robin Osborne: [email protected]

Deadline: 8th July 2022