Esther Eidinow has been Professor of Ancient History at the University of Bristol since 2017 and specialises in ancient Greek society and culture, with specific focus on ancient Greek religion and magic. She has published monographs on oracles, curse tablets and binding spells, concepts of fate, luck and fortune, and the social emotions surrounding ‘witchcraft’ trials in classical Athens.  Co-editor of a new series on Ancient Religions and Cognition for Cambridge University Press, and the Journal of Cognitive Historiography, which Esther also co-founded, she has collaborated on a new series on Ancient Environments since 2019. Her work is informed by curiosity about how different cultures respond to not knowing the future (raising questions about responses to uncertainty, risk, and decision-making).  This has been shaped by her career before academia, when she worked as an editor and writer, specialising in scenarios and strategy for business, governments and international organisations, such as UNAIDS.

Esther joined the Journals Board as a member in 2017 and became Chair in 2020.

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Diana is Professor of Classics and Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences (University of Birmingham). Her publications on landscape and urbanism in ancient Rome combine close reading of the evidence with an eclectic and pragmatic approach to theoretical models. Her research also encompasses Latin literature, including most recently a study of the literarity of ancient Rome’s greatest polymath: M. Terentius Varro.  Diana read Modern English and Classical Civilization at Trinity College Dublin. She moved to England to undertake an MA (London) and a PhD (Cambridge), and her current role centres on developing interdisciplinary research education for undergraduate students in a global context. This gives her many opportunities for encounters and creative collaboration across the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. 


Catharine Edwards teaches Classics and Ancient History at Birkbeck where she been Professor since 2006.  She is the author of numerous works on Roman cultural history and on classical reception in the nineteenth century. Her recent works include an edition of selected  letters of Seneca (2019) for the Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics series and a number of articles on aspects of Seneca’s Stoicism.  President of the Roman Society from 2015-18, she is currently one of the society’s Vice Presidents and has served on the editorial boards of JRS and CRJ.


Athanassios Vergados teaches at Newcastle University. He obtained his first degree in Classical Philology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and his MA and PhD in Classics from the University of Virginia. Before coming to the UK he held teaching and research positions in the US (Franklin & Marshall College and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville) and in Germany (Heidelberg). Greek poetry (especially hymnic and didactic) and Greco-Roman etymology are among his main research interests. He has published a Commentary on the Homeric Hymn to Hermes (De Gruyter 2013) and, more recently, a monograph on Hesiod’s Verbal Craft: Studies in Hesiod’s Conception of Language and its Ancient Reception (OUP 2020), as well as numerous papers on various aspects of Greek literature.

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