Omnibus 75

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Sophocles’ Oedipus the King: a tragedy of compassion – Patrick Finglass

‘Da ya think it’s sexy?’ Horace Odes 2.5 – John Henderson

Women in their own words in pre-Roman Italy – Katherine McDonald

Have a go at reading some Oscan

‘Exekias made me’: the master of black-figure pottery – Katerina Volioti

Who, or what, is Circe? – Ben Folit-Weinberg

Rodin’s classicism

Desertion, scandal, and disaster: Augustus on the back foot – Penny Goodman

Virgil’s untold epics: narrative and perspective in the Aeneid – Donncha O’Rourke

The Children of Jocasta – Natalie Haynes

How did imperial Rome stay so big? – Greg Woolf

Wounds prepared with iron: tattoos in antiquity – Martin Dinter and Astrid Khoo

Omnibus interviews – Natalie Haynes

What is Plato’s Apology? – Anna Drummond Young

Test your Oscan