The Journal of Classics Teaching

The Journal of Classics Teaching is the premier Anglophone journal on the teaching of classical subjects in schools and universities across the world.

JCT has its origins in Latin Teaching, the journal of the Association for the Reform of Latin Teaching (now Association for Latin Teaching), developing from there through Didaskalos, the journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, and HesperiamThe JACT Review and The JACT Bulletin.

JCT aims to describe events and practices in Classics teaching which are much more than just of interest to teachers in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. JCT aims to be influential through the discussion and dissemination of successful pedagogical approaches, and in which arguments are grounded in hard data and observed phenomena in and out of the Classics’ classroom.

The editor of JCT invites contributors from abroad as well as from the UK, believing that the best ideas about the teaching of classical subjects flourish as a result of the cross-fertilisation of experience from different educational programmes across the world. JCT looks for pieces which reflect the experiences of teachers at all levels. Finally, JCT continues to report on significant events in the world of Classics teaching: JCT is still the teachers’ ‘parish noticeboard’ and reviews of books and other resources which can be used in the classroom, including ICT, TV, exhibitions and film, continue to appear.

Since 2015 JCT has become a fully online, open-access journal. JCT is able to include hyperlinks to other sites, including those of individual authors, as well as including images in full colour, and has the capacity to embed video and other media. This exciting development means that authors may easily provide links to demonstrate activities or show documentation as part of an article. 

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Instructions for contributors

JCT also has an active Facebook profile where news of events and matters of interest to teachers of Classics can be quickly disseminated. Simply search for The Journal of Classics Teaching and join.

The Association for Latin Teaching has kindly agreed to host pdfs of issues dating before 2015 on its website. There is also a limited back catalogue of printed issues as published by JACT, available to purchase via the Shop.