Omnibus 69

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Dido and Aeneas in Roman Britain – Kathryn Thompson and Zahra Newby

Visit the Museum of Somerset

Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize 2015

Long-range perspectives in the Iliad – Helen van Noorden

How Greek Sceptics argued for and against the gods – Shaul Tor

Augustus and Livia: an extraordinary marriage – Rebecca Langlands

Luxury versus poverty? Herodotus’ view of the Persian Wars – Tim Rood

Death and burial in the Mycenaean world – Yannis Galanakis

Arachne’s tapestry and the spider’s web of mythological art – James Cahill

Flying scholars and the rise of flatulence: the scientific fantasy of Aristophanes’ Clouds – Philip Sidney Horky

Did Roman government work? – Catherine Steel

‘All is not as it seems’: disguise in the Odyssey – Jamie Hardie

Simon says … A response to Lysias 3 – Robin Lane Fox

Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2015

Juvenal Satires 3.190-202