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#MeToo Medusa – Helen Morales

Archaeology, Roman Britain, and the Brigantes – Martin Millett

Achilles’ heel: (im)mortality in the Iliad – Thomas Nelson

Mary Beard on the imperial image

Ancient automata between myth and mechanics – Tatiana Bur

Are the girls really silent? Women, weaving, and words in Homeric epic

Plato’s Symposium, on why Socrates is so attractive – Nicholas Denyer

Past imperfect: the act of remembering in Tacitus’ Histories I – Claire Stocks

Citizens and public honours in Classical Athens – Mirko Canevaro

The silence of pain: metamorphosis in Ovid’s Metamorphoses – Ioannis Ziogas

‘A city of brick’: Augustus out of context – Christopher Siwicki

The body in pieces: anatomical votives in Classical Greece

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Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2022