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Homer: the first jazz musician? – Howard Peacock

Codebreakers and Groundbreakers: from the breaking of the Enigma Codes to the decipherment of Linear B

Telling stories on Etruscan pots  – Tom Rasmussen

Sappho rises from the ashes  – Armand D’Angour

Mighty Aphrodite? The Knidian Aphrodite and the ‘female nude’ – Michael Squire

Socrates and the Delphic Oracle – Jenny Bryan

A crown of thorns – Peter Thonemann

Advocating Classics Education – Arlene Holmes-Henderson

The biter bit? Sejanus and Tiberius in Tacitus’ Annals – Rhiannon Ash

All’s well that ends well? Xenophon’s Anabasis and narrative closure  – Emma Aston

No sex please, for the love of Ceres – Sharon Marshall

Greek cities founded by barbarians? – Naoise Mac Sweeney

Athenian democracy after 2016 – Jon Hesk

An interview with A. E. Stallings (Athens, Greece, March 2017)

‘For Atalanta’ – A. E. Stallings