chair: Dr sharon marshall

Sharon is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Education in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter, where she has taught for over ten years. Her teaching and research centres largely on Latin language and literature and she is particularly interested in the reception of classical literature among female authors in sixteenth-century France. Having been fortunate enough to attend a state school that offered Latin, she is committed to promoting the study of classical subjects at all levels in schools across the UK. Sharon also sits on the Standing Committee of the Council of University Classical Departments, where she holds the role of Statistics Officer and is responsible for the annual collection and publication of statistics on Classics in UK universities.

dr April pudsey

(subject representative for Ancient History)

Dr April Pudsey is Senior Lecturer in Roman History at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has taught across UK Higher Education institutions for over a decade, and is a research specialist in ancient childhood, demography, and the life course, in particular in Graeco-Roman Egypt. In addition to her work with the CA Teaching Board, April is also Founding Co-Chair of the Post92Classics Network, Chair of the Manchester Classical Association, and sits on the Standing Committees of WCCUK and CUCD. She is a keen advocate of widening access to the study of the ancient world, to those typically excluded from it.

Rob hancock-jones

(subject representative for Classical Civilisation)

Rob is Head of Classical Civilisation at Townley Grammar School, where he has taught for the better part of a decade.  His interest in the ancient world began with a childhood obsession with Greek myths, which developed into an academic interest in Sixth Form when he was first given the opportunity to study the ancients in school by taking A Level Classical Civilisation.  He went on to read a Classical Studies BA and later a Classics and Ancient History MA, both at the University of Bristol, before training to teach Secondary History at the University of Bath.  As Classical Civilisation Rep on the Teaching Board, Rob is keen to support current teachers and students of Classical Civilisation and to promote the expansion of the subject into as many classrooms as possible. 


(Exams Officer)

Jessica teaches Classics at the London Oratory School; a state school where Classics is thriving and Latin, Greek and Ancient History are taught to A Level. She did not have the opportunity to study Classics at school herself and so started as an undergraduate at the University of Liverpool, moving on to the University of Manchester to do a PhD on adultery in Ancient Rome. She has taught for ten years in Oldham, Liverpool and London and is an active member of the Classics teaching community, taking on the role of Exams Officer for the Teaching Board in 2020.


(subject representative for Greek)

Chris is a Classics teacher at Abingdon School, where he has now taught for almost twenty years. Having fallen in love with the Greek language at an early age, he is keen to promote the teaching of Greek as widely as possible throughout the country. He is Chair of the Management Committee of the JACT Greek Summer School which is held annually at Bryanston. He studied Classics at Oxford and his doctoral thesis was on oratory in the late Roman Republic and, when time permits, this remains a research interest as well as Tacitus’ imperial historiography. He also served as co-editor of Greece & Rome for five years.

Ordinary MembersDr Aisha Khan-Evans (subject representative for Latin)
CA Officers ex officioProfessor Douglas Cairns
Professor James Robson
Philip Hooker
Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson
Katrina Kelly
Invited ObserversSteven Hunt, Journal of Classics Teaching
Cathryn Murrant, AQA
Dr Nick Lowe, CUCD
Alex Orgee, OCR
Sarah Parnaby, representative of the ArLT (Association for Latin Teaching)
Professor Robin Osborne, Omnibus
Caroline Bristow, Cambridge School Classics Project
Hilary Hodgson, Classics for All
Rowlie Darby, University of Sussex
CATB Terms of Reference revised 2020
CATB Terms of Reference revised 2020