Joint statement on DfE announcement (July 2021)

The CA has recently joined forces with the University Council of Modern Languages to write a statement relating to the recent DfE announcement of support for new and existing initiatives to develop in England the teaching of languages, cultures and societies, both modern and ancient, which includes funding for a new Latin Excellence Programme. You can read the statement here.


Euroclassica is the European non-profit association of teachers of classical languages and civilisations. Find out more here.

You can follow Euroclassica on Twitter at @Euroclassica, and read the latest newsletter here.

The 2021 Euroclassica Conference and General Assembly will take place in Split, Croatia and Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina from 27-29 August. Further information and a provisional programme are available here, and registration details can be found here.

Open Letter to the DfE on ITT bursaries

In November 2020 Dr Sharon Marshall, Chair of the CATB, wrote an open letter to the DfE challenging cuts to Initial Teaching Training bursaries which were announced on 13 OctoberRead the letter.

Classical Conversations: Oxford Classics in Your Classroom

An Oxford academic in your classroom! Get in touch and we can arrange a virtual Q&A for your class. Suitable for all ages.

  • A-level (or equivalent) students who are studying a Classical subject.
  • Primary schools who are doing a project on Greeks or Romans.
  • Everyone in between.

See here for further information.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements and make a booking.

University of Roehampton: Taster session for A Level students

The University of Roehampton offers a taster session for students in Years 12 and 13 on the topic of ‘Killing Caesar, and how history remembers his assassin’ given by Dr Kathryn Tempest.

You can register to access the recording here.

The video on ‘The great conspiracy against Julius Caesar’, mentioned by Kathryn in the taster session, can be found here.