Omnibus 81

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The worst journey in the world – Tim Rood

Sam Hood Translation Prize 2020 – Dylan Brookes

Octavian’s gifts – Richard Alston

The Odyssey and its predecessors – Henry Spelman

Performing the epic now – Fiona Macintosh

Should we reconstruct Greek and Roman sculpture? – Amber Danosh

Culture and society at Lullingstone Roman Villa – Caroline K. Mackenzie

Thucydides on the dangers of ignorance – Polly Low

Approaching Nero: the problem of history – Shushma Malik

Security and the plague in Homer, Sophocles, and Thucydides – Pantelis Michelakis

Letters to nowhere: to whom is Seneca really writing? – Liz Gloyn

Agricola in Scotland – Robert Philp

Gladstone Memorial Essay Prizes 2020 and 2021

Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2021