Omnibus 70

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Odysseus as bard in the Odyssey – Sam Gartland

A child is born: the enduring mystery of Virgil’s fourth Eclogue – Luke Houghton

Herodotus and the Persian Wars: memory, recrimination, and the writing of history – Rosalind Thomas

THE BIG PAPER: the Latin text of Magna Carta and what it means to us – Jonathan Powell

Aeschylus’ taste for wicked women – Rosie Wyles

Depicting and describing (Bacchus and) Ariadne: Titian, ancient painting, and Catullus – Gail Trimble

Pompeius and Herennia: a (sad) family tale from Roman Egypt – Dominic Rathbone

Reanimating Virgil’s Aeneid – Matthew Robinson

Alexander the Great and the substitute king – Kathryn Stevens

Ovid’s Bacchae: a poetic metamorphosis – Fiachra Mac Góráin

Following Hercules: the story of classical art

The marvel of marble – Edmund Thomas

Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2016

Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize 2016