Omnibus 80

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Imagining Virgil: bibliography, fiction and the Aeneid РTalitha Kearey

Odysseus’ western wanderings – Jessica Lightfoot

Saving the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity – John Weisweiler

Cinadon’s conspiracy and Sparta’s police state – William Mack

Love and monsters in Cupid and Psyche – Elsie Linley

Greek tragedy in a time of mass migration – Barbara Goff

Lead tokens in Rome and Ostia – Clare Rowan

Greeks, Egyptians, and their languages in Ptolemaic Egypt – Rachel Mairs

Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European II: Early and Late PIE – David Langslow

How to be happy and morally good – at the same time – Roger Crisp

Thucydides and International Relations – Neville Morley

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Omnibus Sam Hood Translation Prize 2021