Whether you are a sixth-former, discovering the wonders of Classics for the first time and keen to find out things about the Greeks and the Romans that your teachers don’t tell you, or a teacher, eager to learn what you were never taught yourself, whether you look to Classics to provide intellectual stimulation to distract you from the world of work, or are in search of juicy fodder as you browse the pastures of retirement, Omnibus is the magazine for you.

Published twice a year, in March and September, its 32 full-colour pages offer fresh insights into the greatest classical texts, explore from new angles the enduring puzzles of ancient history, visit the fundamental areas of philosophical enquiry in antiquity, and bring you news and views from the world of classical archaeology and art. Designed to be both accessible and beautiful, Omnibus earns its place both on the desk and on the coffee-table.

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Note: Owing to a last-minute problem in production, the tables in David Langslow’s article ‘Reconstructing Proto-Indo-European’ at page 12 of Omnibus 77 were incorrectly printed. View a corrected version.